What is Pension Drawdown

” Pension Adviser Derby ” – Credencis Interpreting What is Pension Drawdown Pension Drawdown Common References Income release, pension release and income drawdown are the 3 most common terms used when describing pension drawdown. It is a much favoured…


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Retirement Annuity Contract

Retirement Annuity Contract A retirement annuity contract is a form of retirement fund scheme alternative to capped income drawdown and flexi access drawdown pension schemes. Annuities are classed as secured pensions because the income amount that your receive annually…


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Portfolio Management

The pension fund that remains after taking tax-free cash is invested in any investment fund that is offered by the provider of the plan. These funds are likely to cover all investment markets and will include both funds managed by the provider itself and also external…


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Auto Enrolment Facts

For many years the Government has looked at ways to encourage the UK workforce to save for their retirement. There have been several changes to pension legislation but none as big as the Pension Act 2008 and the Pension Reforms that will affect every employer in the UK – Pension Adviser Nottingham, Credencis


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Expert advice on pension drawdown, investments and fund management.

Credencis ( pension adviser Nottingham ) offers bespoke financial planning & management services for your pensions and investments to both individuals and companies throughout the UK. In particular Credencis can offer expert advice on the matter of releasing benefits from your pension plans.


The advice I received was timely and well received

I needed to remortgage and make up a shortfall on an interest only mortgage.
They discussed all the various options available to me. The most important outcomes are my net outgoings have reduced and also the mortgage term outstanding.
The advice I received was timely and well received.

-Pat Bridgett – 4th January 2017

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