What do others have to say about us?


Credencis has been a going concern for many years, please look back on the feedback we have received from clients past and present.


Happy with the service provided

I wanted to transfer my final salary pension fund into a SIPP, therefore giving me control and flexibility over my future pension income.

Brian made me aware of both the advantages and disadvantages that may be involved, Brian completed all of the necessary paperwork involved, and gave me future projections as to several possible outcomes that could arise re. my investment. Once I was happy to go ahead and make the transfer, he proceeded to facilitate the transfer that I had desired.

I was happy with the service provided and look forward to my annual review next year to discuss any issues that may arise between now and then.

-Ged Watson 12th December 2018


Making good returns on our investments

I was made redundant in 2008 and sought Brian’s advice as I wanted to draw down my company pension in order to release some equity and purchase a buy to let property to add to a joint portfolio. Brian arranged the drawdown and reinvestment of my pension.

I was able to use the 25% tax-free lump sum from my pension drawdown as a deposit for a rental property. My partner and I now have several properties in our portfolio which are being successfully rented out and we are making good returns on our investment.

I am completely happy with the ongoing advice I receive from Brian who regularly reviews my investments and advises if changes are appropriate


-Lynne Jones 11th December 2018


Advice fully detailed at all times

I started using Brian’s services after setting up my business in 2007. Brian has looked after my pension requirements for the last 10 years. Brian has helped me sort out my previous pensions from industry and a self employment pension to ensure adequate provision is in place for when I retire.

I can’t think of anything that Brian could have done different, his advice has been fully detailed at all times.

-Robert Hallsworth -5th December 2018


Final salary pension advice spot on

I needed advice on a frozen final salary pension. Brian gave me advice on how to improve my pension. The advice was spot on, just what I was looking for.

-Brendan Jones -3rd December 2018


The process was simple and straight forward

I needed to sort my Pension out, and was recommended to Brian Flindall. Brian consolidated my pension and made everything simple & straight forward. My pensions are now taken care of and this is something less for me to worry about.

-Cheryl Mee -29th November 2018


Fully satisfied customer, thank you

Mr Flindall was recommended by a work colleague that highly rated the service and had been fully satisfied with the service and return on his investment. Brian helped me consolidate my old final salary work pensions. I was fully satisfied with the service Mr Flindall offered. Thank you.

-Robert Rooker -29th November 2018


I would highly recommend Credencis for Pension Transfers

I needed to transfer my occupational pension. I was recommended to Brian Flindall as he is fully qualified to give Pension Advice in the area of Occupational Transfers. The process from start to finish was pretty seamless. Brian was very efficient in his correspondence and explained all the key areas and the pro’s and con’s of the transfer process. I would highly recommend Credencis for Pension Transfers.

-Jill Caley -29th November 2018


Set everything in place

I wanted to get all my pensions in one place and make them work better. Brian was recommended to us and set everything in place. I look forward to working with Brian with my pensions.

-Ann Ingram -29th November 2018


Pleased with the outcome

I needed to sort out my pension. My original pensions were not performing very well, and Brian advised to move them. I am pleased with the outcome. Everything was fine.

-James Mee -29th November 2018

Pension Drawdown advice

I wanted what was best for my pension money. Brian gave me financial advice on pension drawdown. Very pleased with the outcome.

-Alan Arnold -28th November 2018


A highly recommended financial advisor

My current bank ISA was not performing well and I was looking to better my investment, to plan and make savings for my future. I was given Brian Flindalls number as a highly recommended financial advisor. Upon receiving his phone number and talking to Brian I have felt totally at ease and confident in allowing Brian to help me manage my current ISA. Brian was very knowledgeable and professional. He showed me different options available and with his support, I was able to make the right decision to get a better return on my investment as currently, I was not happy with my bank ISA.

I would definitely recommend his quick, efficient and knowledgeable service.

-Michelle Cotterill -28th November 2018


Guided me through the pension maze

I needed to get my pension working. Brian guided through the pension maze of what I could expect to receive at retirement. I am very happy with his service.

-Karl Durose -28th November 2018


Went the extra mile

I wanted to look at making an existing pension work better for me in the remaining years before retirement and allow more options than it currently did. Brian was very polite and professional throughout and ensured I fully understood all options. His knowledge is vast and it was very easy to develop a good rapport with him from the first meeting; he tells you as it is and in an industry that can become very complicated that is a very good thing.

Brian went the extra mile to ensure everything was transferred accordingly and I was pleased with the outcome. I would highly recommend Brian to others; I was pleased with the outcome.

I look forward to future dealings with him.

-Simon Kendall -24th June 2018


Top of his game

I was unhappy with the returns I was getting with my Co-operative Pension. Brian provided me with clear advice, and it was obvious he is a Pension expert.

Brian is at the top of his game.

-Karl Hollingworth – 21st June 2018


Brian was fantastic

I contacted Credencis as I needed to release some money from my pension due to ill health. He explained everything so I understood and made the whole process very easy for me. He ensured I understood all aspects and put everything in a language that I would understand.

Everything was completed quickly, and there is nothing much else to say except Brian was fantastic.

-Mandy Dunbar – 18th June 2018


A lot better outcome than I imagined

I was recommended to Brian as I was looking to get help in reducing my mortgage. He helped me go into drawdown with my pension which took a big chunk off my mortgage.

Brian provided an outcome that was a lot better than I imagined. There is nothing he could have done better

-Gerald Toyne – 17th June 2018


First Class service
I was looking for advice on passing my assets to my children or taking out an equity release. I have heard many horror stories and watched TV programmes and I was confused, misguided and needed professional advice.
Brian recommended and set up a joint meeting with a very reliable solicitor to discuss my legal options, he was also present, fully explaining the options and percentages of equity release that were available to me. Brian also gave me printouts of the details stated. At times, I was confused, as the information was a lot for me to take in all at once. He was very perceptive of this and took the time to explain things again to me, in a way that I understood.
I was pleased with the information and documents that I received. I will be going ahead with my decision.
I really don’t think that that there was anything that Brian could improve on. First Class.
-Barbara Lancashire -23rd January 2018

Friendly and professional

Brian advised us on how to make better use of our finances and took the pressure off us by sorting out our pensions. He was very thorough when explaining what he could do for us.

He was very friendly and professional. We are pleased with the outcome.

– Alan Nash – 9th December 2017


The results have been very good

I needed to go into drawdown to release a tax free lump sum.

Brian gave clear advice on the way to invest.

The results since inception have been very good.

-Stephen Hallam – 13th June 2017


The advice I received was timely and well received

I needed to remortgage and make up a shortfall on an interest only mortgage.

They discussed all the various options available to me. The most important outcomes are my net outgoings have reduced and also the mortgage term outstanding.

The advice I received was timely and well received.

-Pat Bridgett – 4th January 2017

Provided an excellent service, really could not ask for more

I contacted Credencis as my pension fund was not performing.

Brian found me a portfolio which I believe will exceed all expectations.

Brian provided an excellent service, I really could not ask for more.

-Ian Yardley-Barnes – 2nd January 2017


No Shortfalls in the service

Brian has helped us set up our Employer Auto Enrolment pension, and also advised on our personal finances. Brian satisfied all our needs and I cannot see any shortfalls in his service.

-Keith Graham – 21st December 2016

Patient and Diligent

I approached Brian to invest money in an Investment Stocks and Shares ISA as I am earning so little interest at the bank.

I am hoping to get greater potential returns for slightly greater risk.

I have known Brian for years, and trust his judgment.

Brian’s technical knowledge comes through with his enthusiasm but some terms he uses need greater explanation. However he is patient and diligent.

-Rosemund Lewis – 14th December 2016

Everything went smoothly

Brian helped me purchase a property. He helped my find the right mortgage and insurance. Everything went smoothly.

-Sharon Turgoose – 13th December 2016

Provided expert advice, already seeing better results

I wanted to start paying into a private pension, and consolidate my existing pensions.

Brian provided expert advice in plain terms making it easy for me to make a decision.

I moved my pensions to a new provider and I am already seeing better performing results so I am obviously very happy.

I cannot think of anything Brian could have done better, he communicated very well both verbally and by post keeping me up to date with the transfer progress.

-Andrew Cockayne – 13th December 2016


Understood my situation, delighted with the outcome

Brian has been advising me for many years and it was time to review my pension arrangements. I went into Drawdown to release a tax free lump sum from my pensions. Brian understood my situation, and I am delighted with the outcome.

-Michael Baraniak – 11th September 2016


Very good with communication

I approached Brian as I was looking for an IFA and was unexperienced in finding the right pension.

He assessed my risk level and current situation, then recommended the product that suited my needs.

Brian is really good at keeping in touch with phone calls. Highly recommended.

-Dr Pilar Perez-Hurtado – 17th August 2016


A Friendly, Efficient, Knowledgeable, Understanding service

Brian helped me arrange a pension drawdown plan. Everthing I required was done and I was kept up to date with the progress.

-Colin Brown – 2nd August 2016

Very Happy with the Service

Brian helped clarify many aspects of financial products without obscure terminology. He advised me not just on products that may be suitable at the time but also with possible changing circumstances in the future.

Brian continues to advise me on my savings, investments and pensions; very happy with the service.

-Jason Litchfield – 12th May 2016


Review of Insurances/Pension

I required to a review of my life insurance policies. Brian advised a different policy for better cover and a lower premium which was what i needed. Brian also reviewed my pension and changed the fund strategy.

-Roy Gregory – 10th May 2016


Restructured Pensions, Recycled Income, Allowed me to retire early
In 2010 I had a couple of personal pension plans which were due to mature on my birthday in November of that year. Also, I would be receiving my state pension in the July of 2011. I was therefore keen to seek sound financial advice to help me plan for my full retirement in December 2015. He reviewed my financial requirements and helped me consolidate not just my pensions but also other items in my range of savings such as cash and capital growth ISAs and instant access savings accounts. He proposed I take up the 25% tax-free lump sum, convert my pension fund to drawdown and, as I was still working full-time, that I start contributing to a new pension scheme so that I could benefit from the tax-free sum and an additional small pension when I decided to retire some time later. He also recommended a tailored investment portfolio for the proceeds of my other savings. I took up all these options. Yes, particularly now that I am fully retired. I am receiving a monthly pension from my drawdown fund which supplements my state pension. The additional personal pension fund will enable me to take a tax-free lump sum at any time and provide me with an extra amount to add to the drawdown until such time it is financially expedient and appropriate to convert the funds to a more beneficial pension product.
-Gayle Bandy – 5th May 2016

Trusted Financial Advisor for 25 years
Brian has been my financial advisor for around 25 years. He has helped me and my partner make important decisions about our pensions, savings and mortgage. Brian has set up a SIPP for me and has recently changed company’s for me. He also sorted out my partners drawdown pension and helped set up a funeral plan . Yes my new SIPP is performing better than the old one and I receive regular information on its performance, I am also kept up to date with any fees Brian receives.
-Sharon Dixon – 3rd May 2016
Results have been brilliant!
I had a protected pension and an accountant friend recommended Brian to me. He advised me of my options and told me I should think of moving it. The results have been brilliant and as a result I get a yearly check up and have since invited him to look at our mortgage and insurances.
-Mark Vaughan – 3rd May 2016
Peace of Mind
Life insurance for myself and partner – two individual policies to provided cover for our children. Brian sourced a very good deal with a reputable insurance provider with a high amount of cover on a low monthly payment. Peace of mind to know that there is more than sufficient cover should a negative incident occur.
-Jay Lane – 30th April 2016
Well Managed Investment, Perfectly Happy with the service
I was looking for financial advice, and excellent advice was given to me by Brian. I also know that he is overlooking everything constantly. Brian, reviewed all my information and then recommended a course of action.this has improved the outlook for the future. yes, it is a well managed investment, with good over checks being carried out.
I am not aware of anything Brian could have done differently for me personally. As he is always available to talk to or responds in a reasonable time I find that I perfectly happy with the service.
-Anthony Siddons – 29th April 2016
Extremely satisfied with the service
Brian found the best mortgage deal available for me, explained everything succinctly. He also
advises me on my pension fund and I am extremely satisfied with the service received.
He is in regular contact with his magazine informing me of any interesting financial information.
-Marie Limb – 21st April 2016
Consolidated Pensions, Drawdown Income, Excellent Advice explained in plain english
Back in 2008 I needed my various pensions reviewing as they were not making the growth required and a couple other IFAs had not been able to help me. Brian was able to put my pensions together, saving me money on admin charges and making administration easier. I was able to take my 25% tax free lump sum and move into flexible drawdown. I am now getting good growth, a drawdown income , flexibility for the future and regular reviews. In addition my wife and I have received excellent advice on our savings and investments.Absolutely. See above. Advice has been spot on and explained clearly in plain English.
-Paul Dudley – 21st April 2016
Happy and 4K Richer!
Helped with financial planning and tax saving investments . he explained everything clearly and concisely. He gave us confidance that he knew his sector. Yes we are happy and 4k richer thanks to his support and advice.
We are very happy with the support and attention to detail our IFA has . He is clear in the advice he gives and is conscientious and diligent within his work and representation .
-Russ Morgan – 21st April 2016
Personal Tailored Approach
Expert advice, found really good product which reduced mortgage by 4years, personal tailored approach.
-Julia Todd – 21st April 2016


Explains everything, not pushy, highly recommended

Totally confused by the information Googled I was concerned that my money wasn’t working for me and initially I was being stung by a company who had taken over my mortgage. I heard of Brian and contacted him a number of years ago. He explained everything clearly and advised, though wasn’t pushy- PERFECT!. Initially with my mortgage arrangements and savings then later with my pension and investments. Absolutely! Brian has helped me through the maelstrom of financial confusion, so my annuity and investments are aiding a comfortable retirement. I would unhesitatingly recommend him to others looking for a way through the financial confusion to making the most of your assets and money.

Brian contacts me at important junctures and gave sensible advice and guidelines to assist me in making informed decisions. I couldn’t have wished for better advice and assistance.

-Jo Wilson – 20th April 2016

Excellent Advice, Really Nice Chap

I needed to move my pension to get a better return. Brian helped me to sort out my pension and put it in to something that would get me a good return. Yes excellent advice.

He could not have done anything better excellent advice and a really nice chap

-Mark Smith – 20th April 2016

Absolutely Fantastic

Needed to make my savings and earnings work better and get a better return. He has been absolutely fantastic it the returns he,s got us on our pensions and isa,s and savings. I would recommend him to anybody. Most of all he explains things in real understandable terms and not in financial jargon. More than happy with the results he got for us.

-Alan Spray – 19th March 2016


Do not go anywhere else, doubled my money in 24 months!!!!

Brian came to see me a couple of years ago to give me a Financial Review,  part of this review was to assess my Pension needs.

I basically had on old pension fund that was trickling along with no recent contributions and, to me, was worth virtually nothing.

Brian got hold of this little pension fund and virtually doubled it in 24 months !!!! The projections on this fund are now incredible.


This was a “throw away” fund and he has transformed it into a worth while investment.

I cannot praise this guy enough for what he has done. DO NOT GO ANYWHERE ELSE IF YOU WANT SOUND PENSION ADVICE!!!!!

Thanks Brian

-Ian Walters – 12th November 2015


Very Professional, Explained in Layman’s Term’s

About 5 years ago, I was in need of some financial and pensions advice, Brian Flindall of Credencis was recommended to me by a work colleague.  Brian arranged my private pension to be transferred from a poor performing scheme into a scheme that is performing much better.


He recommended my frozen company pensions should be left to run to my retirement, as they were based on final salary and could not be bettered in the current market. He has also organised and monitored the performance of my ISA and has made several changes that have over time proven to be of benefit.
Brian is keen, enthusiastic and has a passion for the work he does, he has his clients best interests at heart and takes the time to explain the financial rules and regulations in layman’s terms that can be understood.  Brian is very professional and spends a lot of time researching the markets and market trends before making any recommendations. Brian takes the time to understand each clients attitude to risk and tailors his research and recommendations accordingly.  At our review meetings it is clear that a lot of preparation has gone in beforehand, this keeps the meetings efficient and focussed on the important issues thus saving the clients time.  However Brian is very generous with his time when the client requires him to be and does a lot of work behind the scenes that the client may not always be aware of.  I would not hesitate to recommend Brian to anyone seeking financial advice and indeed I have done so on more than one occasion since my association with Brian and Credencis began.

-Trevor Steel – 9th September 2015

Informed, Helpful Advice, and Guidance

I am writing this letter with regards to Credencis, who have for the last few months sorted out the complex issues of my personal pension. Brian Flindall has worked tirelessly on my behalf, battling with a large unresponsive insurance company and recommending the most beneficial way to invest my pension. His straight forward, no nonsense approach has made the whole experience easier and clearer and I have found his knowledge of the subject invaluable. I can recommend Credencis to anyone who is struggling with their pension issues and needs informed, helpful advice and guidance.

-Steve Hallam – 31st July 2015


Confident and Efficient Management Service
I have known Brian for several years now and have trusted him with my money since the first day we met. He has repaid that trust with a confident and efficient management service, providing solid and person centered advice with regard to my pension and all this alongside a friendly and personable approach. I have never had any problems with any aspect of the service he provides and therefore I would recommend him without hesitation.

-Helen Den Hartog – 5th February 2015


Taken Early Retirement thanks to Credencis
A few years ago I had several pensions with different providers which alarmingly appeared to be depreciating in value. I went to Brian who consolidated everything and as a result I have recently taken early retirement. I would recommend Brian to anyone.

-Bohdan Harasymiw – 4th February 2015


Very Professional
I have worked with Brian for over 3 years, and in that time he has provided an excellent service with my pensions.

-Paul Beaumont – 2nd February 2015


Down to Earth, very friendly
I have trusted Brian with my pensions for a long time and find Brian is friendly, down to earth, and does not talk down to you, plus the pension funds have done brilliantly. I would recommend Brian to anyone in the need for pension advice/financial advice.

-Michelle Roe – 21st January 2015


Very Happy with your service
I would like to thank you for your recent help with my finances. I found you and your company to be easy to deal with, knowledgeable and at all times very professional with the way you dealt with me.

I was very happy with your service and I highly recommend your services to friends and family.

Many Thanks

-Robert Footitt – 12th February 2014


I would recommend Brian to friends and family
Since Brian has took over my pension the returns have been fantastic, I would recommend him to all my friends and family for financial advice

-Ann Merriman – 15th May 2013


It couldn’t be improved
It could’nt be improved, the service I have received from Brian Flindall at Credencis has been excellent.

-Dean Williams – 4th December 2012


Peace of Mind
Many Thanks for your hard work regarding my pension investments over this year. This has given me ‘peace of mind’ that they are working for me and that you will be monitoring them over the coming years.

You have been extremely helpful and have always explained matters carefully which I have been able to understand!

I would not hesitate to recommend Credencis to family and friends.

-Stephanie Holton – 4th September 2012


The smartest thing I did..
In May 2012 when I received my annuity report from my oroginal provider I was a little disappointed with their projection of what I could expect to receive from their plan each month.

The smartest thing I did in regard to this was contact Brian Flindall of Credencis.

Brian transferred my annuity and succeeded in getting me the best deal possible with a most reputable company that were prepared to increase my annuity by more than twenty ponds per month for life; not only that but complete peace of mind knowing that this annuity would carry on making payments to my partner on my death.

All I had to do was supply Brian with the relevant paperwork, which he diligently formed into a new plan that was beyond my expectation.

Brian has a personality that is courteous, complete trustworthy and conscientious and inspires confidence in his business dealings.

I would recommend Brian to anyone that is in need of a financial advisor or pensions consultant.

Thank you Brian.

-Bernard Kibble – 10th August 2012


Very Professional
Brian Flindall came to see me on a personal basis about ivesting some money. He was polite and courteous and behaved in a very professional manner.

He explained to me how best to invest my money in easy terms so that I could understand.

Although the proof of the pudding is in the eating and we dont know how the investments are doing straight away, I have every confidence that Brian guided me in the right direction and would definitely recommend him to anyone who needed to invest any money.

-Teresa Shaw – Porosol Print Ltd – 27th October 2011


My pleasure to work with Brian
I have been associated with Brian for a little over 12 months and he has assisted me greatly in arranging pension needs for the future. He has at all times expressed a very professional and courteous manner and it has been my pleasure to work with him.

In all dealings I have enjoyed a confirdential and honest approach from him and would happily recommend his services to anyone with any need for financial advice or assistance.

-Steven Lewis – RTL Consultants Ltd – 20th April 2011


Lifted a Great Weight off my Shoulders
I was having problems trying to make sense of the correspondance I had received from my pension companies. I was recommended to Brian Flindall from Credencis who has a wealth of pension experience.

Brian came to see me for a chat and explained some of the things I wasn’t sure about and took the correspondance away to see if he find a better pension from the open market.

Three weeks later he returned with paperwork for me to sign for my new plan and with a bit of luck my payments should commence soon. He has lifted a great weight off my shoulders.

Both my husband and I will be keeping in touch with Brian so  that he can help with our other finances.

I would like to thank Brian for averting what was becoming a stressful time.

-Diane Palmer – 11th April 2011


Explained in Plain Language
Brian is such a nice, professional and pleasant person, he talks in plain language, that even a plumber can understand, and explains things in such a way so as to make you not only feel at ease but to make you feel like he is a friend, and would do his utmost to help you. He has bent over backwards to help my mother in law, wife and myself, sometimes just out of the goodness of his heart, he is such a nice person.

-Stephen Wren – AWS Mechanical Limited 17th February 2011


Sound Advice
Our company required its pension schemes to be reviewed. Brian Flindall of Credencis was recommend to us.  After Brian had asked us some questions and clearly explained the products available we made an informed choice. The change to the new polices was seamless. I would be happy to recommend Credencis as the personal level of service and sound advice is second to none.

-Roger Timms – C J Timms Electrical Services 17th February 2011


I would happily recommend Brian to anyone
Brian was recommended to me by Christine Johnstone of Ceejay Training and Accountancy in order that I make the most of my money. Brian and I looked at my mortgage and we discussed my options. We decided that taking the current climate into consideration it would be best for me to leave my mortgage with my existing lender. a review date has been placed in our respective diaries to review my mortgage again in a couple of years.

We are currently reviewing all my other insurances. With Brian’s knowledge I feel confident that he will give me his best advice to help my money stay in my account.

Brian is very friendly and I divulged personal information to him feeling confident that my personal finances will not be discussed outside of his professional remit.

I will happily recommend him to anyone whom I feel would benefit from his knowledge and understanding.

-Allison Wilbourn 25th January 2011


Great Results, Personable, Good Value
Brian is very precise in finding the right product for the right person. I had several pension which Brian placed into one fund and gave advise on what to do with this fund. He is accurate with the knowledge, and very approachable.

-Neil Austin – MouseSale 18th January 2011


I would most definitely recommend Brian for pension advice

-Karon Staniforth – Knightsbridge Financial Solutions 14th September 2010


Jargon Free Advice
Since starting our business just over a year ago, we realised that it was important to seek the advice of a good financial adviser. Luckily we met Brian who has helped us on a number of issues. Crucially for ourselves Brian was able to advise us in a jargon free way which made things all the more simpler to understand, thus making our decision making all the more easier.

We will continue to use Brian as our Independent Financial Adviser and we don’t hesitate to recommend his services to family and friends alike, knowing that they are sure to benefit from the sound advice that Brian has to offer.


-Tom Wysocki – Apollo Flooring


Pension Transfer Advice‎‎  
I asked Brian to assess my current pensions which I already had set up with three different companies but I was finding it difficult to keep track of them all and was not sure if they were all working for me. Brian has assessed my different pension funds and advised me to put them all into one place. He put me into touch with a discretionary fund manager who will check and rebalance my funds daily to make sure that they work for me and make the most of my investment. Brian is excellent at explaining things in plain english that’s easy to understand. He explained the pitfalls of my existing pensions and the advantages of the new pension, and also his ongoing commitment going forward and what he was going to do for me personally. I would definitely recommend Brian to anyone looking to make the most from their finances and pensions. Best Regards Jonathan Martin – JPM Design‎

-By jonno964 – 24 Sep 2010


Pensions, annuities and drawdown in plain…‎‎
Brian is an experienced and very knowledgeable Independent Financial Adviser, who really does keep up to date with the latest changes in the very complex world of pensions, drawdowns, and annuities (to name just a few). Brian is good at explaining things in plain English. Brian can even explain something as complicated as a care plan payment option in plain English. Whenever I have questions, Brian always knows the answers!‎

-By nwallis – 23 Jul 2010


Pension Funds Well Preserved
I contacted Credencis through their website for pension advice and found the director, Brian Flindall, to be very knowledgeable in the world of pensions. He advised me to transfer a few preserved pensions into a Self Invested Personal Pension, and I can now monitor my funds online. I found his approach to financial advice very refreshing, and I would not hesitate to refer him to friends and family. Thanks for the good work.‎

-By barbara.ledger – 30 Jun 2010


Self Invested Personal Pension Review
I was introduced to Brian through a friend,as I was dismayed with the service of my previous independent financial adviser. Brian explained in plain english how my Self Invested Personal Pension worked. He implemented a programme where I have my pension is managed by a multi manager, and a small percentage looked after by a stock broker. My pension has made an fantastic return in the last two years, amazing considering economic trends. I have total piece of mind that my money is being invested correctly by Brian and Credencis. I have asked Brian to review my pension every 6 months. Hopefully in the next few years the fund will have grown to the point that I will be able to buy my first commercial property. I have already introduced Brian to a friend in Newcastle. He is prepared to travel anywhere in the UK as he believes in face to face advice whereas previous firms wanted to deal with me by phone and post!. I believe this is integral to sound quality financial advice. Thanks again Brian for your professionalism.

-By johnledger33 – 21 Mar 2010


Great Service & Advice
Brian’s response to first enquiry onwards through advice to a solution has been impeccable. The solution was explained to me very clearly and in such a way to make me feel confident that my pension needs were in the right hands because clearly from Brian’s initial research my funds were not in the right place !! I would have no hesitation in recommending Brian to anyone in need of a solid reliable pension solution.‎

-By janska – 18 Mar 2010


Pension advice and review‎‎
I asked Brian to assess my current pension which was with a different financial advisor. They were supposed to manage my pension funds but found that last year I lost £4000, Brian has assessed my pension and put me intouch with a discretionary fund manager who will check and rebalance my funds daily which could have doubled if I had already been with them. I would definately recommend Brian to anyone looking to make the most from their finances and pensions.‎

-By Andrew – 10 Feb 2010


A Guru in the arena of pensions‎‎
If you ever meet Brian you’d be hard pressed to assume that he was in the IFA and pension business from his appearance alone. After spending just a few minutes with him it becomes definitively apparent that this fellow knows his financial onions. Under the progressively fluctuating economic scenario, it’s essential to know where your money is and the calibre of the persons investing it. All too many people have experienced mediocre and sometimes negative returns brought about by inept directives from corporate decision makers. It’s good to know that someone in this industry is capable of offering sound and well informed advice to ensure you end up with a pension that’s going to be there when you need it‎.

-By Psypha – 1 Feb 2010


Brian’s been in the business for years and really knows his stuff, plus he keeps up to date with the latest developments. It’s a big decision, and pretty scary, to move pension investments but I think Brian’s sound. I’ve also met several of his clients and they all sing his praises too…‎

-By Carrie – 2 Oct 2009


Thank You
Thank you for the financial advice you have given us over the years. You have always acted with honesty and integrity, and never have tried to sell us anything. We hope to continue our relationship with you, both now and in the future. Regards Mr Duane Newbold.

-By Duane Newbold – 24 Aug 2009


I value your honesty
I would like to put pen to paper by saying how much I value the honesty and service you have give me in the past and present. I hope we continue to do more business in the future. P.S I would clearly recommend you to all my friends and family.

-By Gary Fellows – 28 Jan 2009


Professional Advice
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your professional advice following the research put into my pension arrangements. The piece of mind I now have, that all the funds available will be working hard to provide me with the best pension income and with the least amount taken in fees is extremely comforting. I can definitely recommend your diligence in sorting through what was an untidy situation and coming up with a list of realistic options from which I could choose one with which I am comfortable. It will give me great pleasure pleasure to provide your contact details to all my contacts in the certain knowledge that your service, willingness to go the extra mile and attention to detail will not let me down.

-By Chris Timms – 05 Aug 2009


Thank you all your help
Thank you for all the help you have given me. It is such a relief when someone you can trust takes all the pressure off you. Without you I wouldn’t known how to go about sorting out my pension. Thanking you.

-By Ron Wagstaff – 17 May 2009


Plain English
I had a visit from Brian Flindall today and found that he was very thorough; he covered everything from my mortgage to my pension. He explained everything in plain english and he doesn’t make you feel an idiot if you dont understand something. All in all he was very professional.

-By Jennifer Davies – 31 Mar 2009

Really Enlightening
We would just like to thank you for the financial review you gave us recently. It was really enlightening and done with easily understandable terms. The speed in which it was put into action to make the most of our pensions was impressive. Also thank you for sorting out the mortgage offer and taking away the strain at this very stressful time. We would have no hesitation in recommending you to future clients.

-By Alan Spray – 25 Jun 2009


Expert in his field
Brian really is an expert in his field with the extra quality of listening to his clients and providing the service they need.

-Darren Beaven – DHB Consultancy Services 9th May 2009


Praise from an Accountant
Just a short note to thank you for the first class service you have given to my clients since we began our association. The feedback has been excellent. Please keep up the good work. Thank you.

-By Stephen Holmes – Aquarius Accountancy – 25 Nov 2003


Professionalism, Sensitivity, and Excellent Support
Thank you for the visit last night to re-appraise our investments and to give us some advice regarding the use of some finance which has reappeared from loans to the family! Judy and I are immensely please with the progress being made through the Fidelity portfolio you advised us on two years ago – each aspect of it doing well. We appreciated the documents you came with regarding their performance relative to the other possibilities we had considered at the outset – the evidence that we are on the right track was clear to see.

Thanks again for your professionalism, sensitivity, and excellent support – must ne about 8 yaers now! Feel free to use the above as you wish in your work with prospective clients.

-By Mervyn Griffiths – 18 Aug 2005

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Sadly quite a number of retired peoples are throwing away a lot of money through underperforming investments, savings accounts and undermanaged pension pots.