Changes to The UK State Pension

The State Pension is likely to be a key source of income for many people when they retire. The new State pension was introduced in April 2016,replacing the previous two tier system, and the State Pension age has been equalised at age 65 for men and women before it...

Do you have a lump sum to invest into your pension?

Invest in your pension at the high earning rate to maximise your tax relief You can put money into a pension even where you belong to a work pension scheme: the only limit currently applying is that savers do not exceed the annual maximum contribution of £40,000....

10 Pension Tips

1 - Pension Freedoms - What are your next steps? Make sure you have a clear picture of what pensions you have- some people lose track of old pensions from previous jobs, especially after moving property. Use the free government service to track down your money:...

Are you looking for Pension Advice?

Credencis are Pension Transfer Specialists based in the UK offering an inital free pension advice service. Initially most consumers will google Martin Lewis, Citizens Advice, Pension Wise, or the Money Advice Service for free information. Common searched for questions...

Loopholes to Maximise Your Pension

Try these loopholes to maximise your pension 1 You are over age 55, and already receiving your drawdown pension. Invest up to £4,000 per year into a pension, you pay £3,200 net and this is topped up by 20% tax relief. Immediately you withdraw the money. The first 25%...

The best and worst annuity providers in 2017

According to FT Adviser These Are Currently The Best Annuity Providers At the bottom of the pack are the Prudential who are now closing their annuity business, probably due to consistently poor performance . As of 06/02/2017 10-year gilt yields value of...

How much pension money can you release?

Releasing money from your pension fund allows you to access your savings before you retire, or before the full term of the pension is up. Release 25% Tax Free You can take up to 25% of your pension’s value, completely Tax Free, as a cash lump sum to spend on whatever...

Swap Your Final Salary Pension For Cash?

Is it wise to swap your final salary pension for cash ? The new pension freedom rules arrived in April 2015 to a blaze of publicity. Anyone with a 'money purchase' scheme, also known as 'defined contribution can access their money from age 55. It's good practice to...


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