Portfolio Management Service

Keeping track of your assets, investments, and savings takes a certain amount of dedication to ensure that they produce healthy returns that either meet or exceed your expectations. Credencis schematically assess each individual client to create a concise overwatch plan that enables advisers to keep things moving towards the agreed goals.

Setting out a low-stress road map for clients to follow

Credencis is primarily a pensions and annuities advice company with ancillary services that include mortgage brokering, insurance, property investment advice, saving and investment fund management.

Whilst the majority of persons in the UK save for retirement through a pension scheme of one sort or another, there are some clients who choose to invest and additional part of their earnings into savings schemes, property and other low risk capital ventures.

A portfolio can be strategically nurtured for long-term growth whilst incorporating flexible methods that are adaptable for taking advantage of short-term investment opportunities.



A wide range of uncorrelated asset classes, including developed and emerging market equities, fixed interest, commodities, property, and hedge funds



An investment strategy that looks to exploit changes in the financial markets using a dynamic asset allocation process


Less Risk

A quantitative and qualitative approach to reduce market risks whilst targeting positive returns



A personalised portfolio designed to deliver clients individual lifestyle objectives



Portfolios can include structured products and portfolio protection techniques

Fund management services

Presently there are approximately 6000 fund managers operating in the UK, Credencis believe from many years of experience that there are under 200 who consistently perform above expectations and retain a continued interest in seeing realistic, secure fund growth for their clients. Through the relationship Credencis has with a select pool of fund managers, the company is continually referred by word of mouth by highly satisfied clients.

Thorough and comprehensive financial advice

With all investment, savings or insurance cover, Credencis present accurate, clearly explained information so that clients are fully aware of their options, obligations and rights. Credencis work beyond this to offer only the trusted, leading edge products that consistently provide great value with pleasing costs/deductions.

A protective umbrella

With portfolio management, a customer’s requirements and input becomes more simplified. In order to reach long term goals, a variety of different products and investment schemes, with careful management will be required. Credencis portfolio management service is tailored to keep track of all the products within the portfolio and any changing financial circumstances of the client.

Managing risk to suit the client’s preferences

Every client has a unique set of circumstances, and the saying ‘one size fits all,’ does not apply under any circumstances. Risk profiles are offered using a combination of investments, savings funds in addition to assets and property where applicable. The items that are contained within a portfolio will denotes the risk, e.g. shares – whilst there is always a substantial potential for growth, there is also a much higher risk of loss due to the volatility of markets.

Remaining flexible throughout the portfolio lifespan

Desire and ambitions tend to change over time, that is why Credencis design and operate portfolios that adapt with these changes. Clients can absolutely switch their plans into a new direction, altering the risk level (under comprehensive advisory discussion). Sometimes there may be tax issues involved when making alterations, a Credencis adviser will detail any such implications through a discussion, agreeing any decisions with the client before adjustments are made.

Performance topographical overview

Generally, the bottom line is what most clients want to see. The full mechanism of correspondence and decision enactment is where the pressure is taken away from the client so that they can literally observe what is happening to each different investment within their portfolio. Should anything arise, the careful monitoring handled by Credencis will ensure that the client is notified, presented with available options and supporting information, allowing the customer to make a firm, considered decision. Customers can frequently observe how their portfolio is maturing at both the individual item and overall group level.

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