Good Business Charter

An Initiative of The Good Business Foundation

The Good Business Charter provides accreditation for organisations in the UK that adhere, and are recognised for responsible business practices. Businesses wanting to be accredited have to show proof that they actively incorporate 10 behavioural components.

Measurable Components of Accreditation

Real Living Wage

Contracts/Fair Hours

Employee Well-Being

Employee Representation


Responsibility to Environment

Fair Tax Payment

Customer Commitment

Ethical Sourcing

Prompt Payment

Organisational Behaviour

Each applicant to become a member of the charter has to evaluate the way it operates in relation to the ten aforementioned component areas. The growth of the charter, its recognition in the business sector will make it difficult for non-compliant businesses, charities, and public sector organisations to operate smoothly outside the business practice framework. With more organisations receiving accreditation annually, the opportunity for public recognition and reward continues to increase.



The GBC has a section on their site that invites employees, customers, and suppliers the opportunity to report organisations that are failing to meet the business practices/obligations that are required to be maintained for accreditation.

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