According to FT Adviser These Are Currently The Best Annuity Providers

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Canada Life Annuity
Hodge Lifetime Annuity
At the bottom of the pack are the Prudential who are now closing their annuity business, probably due to consistently poor performance .

As of 06/02/2017
10-year gilt yields
value of 1.29%

The enhanced annuity market however is more complex as the rates are based on the age and medical history of the annuitant which emphasises the need to take independent financial advice on the open market option.

An annuity is still ideal for anyone requiring a secure income.

Potentially interest rates may start to rise, which could increase annuity rates thus a larger income.

Standard non-guaranteed annuities
55 year old £50,000 pension fund
Best Canada Life  £ 2,019.00
Worst Prudential  £ 1,815.00
60 year old £50,000 pension fund
Best Hodge Lifetime  £ 2,561.00
Worst Prudential  £ 2,283.00
65 year old £50,000 pension fund
Best Hodge Lifetime  £ 2,962.00
Worst Prudential  £ 2,578.00
70 year old £50,000 pension fund
Best Aviva  £ 3,623.00
Worst Advantage  £ 2,918.00