Investment of your funds

The pension fund that remains after taking tax-free cash is invested in any investment fund that is offered by the provider of the plan. These funds are likely to cover all investment markets and will include both funds managed by the provider itself and also external funds such as unit trusts. These funds will cover all investment classes, i.e. UK equities, both growth and income, overseas equities, commercial property, fixed interest, corporate bonds and gilts. The funds can be changed (switched) between any of the funds that are available and with many providers at no cost. Therefore the selection and managing of your investment funds within the Drawdown plan is just as important as selecting the right plan and provider at the outset. Before investment funds are recommended your “Attitude to Risk” is ascertained, which would determine whether you were a Cautious or Adventurous investor, or anywhere in between. Any recommendation that we make would be in accordance with this.

Portfolio Management Service

In an era of low investment returns and high volatility, capital preservation has also become a priority for many clients. Our aim is to provide consistent returns above long term cash rates, whilst minimizing risk through exposure to multiple asset classes.



A wide range of uncorrelated asset classes, including developed and emerging market equities, fixed interest, commodities, property, and hedge funds


An investment strategy that looks to exploit changes in the financial markets using a dynamic aeet allocation process

Less Risk

A quantitative and qualitative approach to reduce market risks whilst targeting positive returns


A personalised portfolio designed to deliver clients individual lifestle objectives


Portfolios can include structured products and portfolio protection techniques

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