Enhanced and Impaired Annuities

There is a possibility that you may be entitled to purchase a Pension Annuity at higher than the standard rate because of your personal health or lifestyle considerations. There are over 1,000 medical and lifestyle conditions that may be considered and any one, or indeed a combination of which could result in an increase of up to 30% above the standard rate in your income during retirement. It is estimated that around 40% of pension annuities that are paid out could be entitled to the higher rates, however at the moment only around 4% are benefitting from this option.

Do I qualify for an ‘Enhanced Annuities’ or ‘Impaired Annuity’?
There is a good chance that you could qualify to receive the higher rate of return that ‘Enhanced Annuities’ and ‘Impaired Annuities’ deliver. Credencis will search the market for the very best packages that are currently available and that suit your personal circumstances. We will need to take a few basic details from you in order perform our search.
To find out if you could qualify, please call 08456 385 047 or email info@credencis.co.uk