A SSAS is a Small Self Administered Scheme, individually authorised by HMRC. It is an occupational registered pension set up by the sponsoring business and designed for use by business owners, who might be company directors, members of a partnership or self-employed, for themselves and their employees.

In the same way as a SIPP, the SSAS receives contributions and transfers to accumulate a retirement fund for its members. At retirement the choices are the same as for the SIPP. However, a SSAS, unlike a SIPP, can make a loan back to the sponsoring employer thus giving flexibility to that business. A SSAS is also able to own the business property, and invest in a wide range of investments.


  • Consolidate past pension funds, managing them in a more cost efficient way.
  • Members’ personal contributions normally benefit from tax-relief.
  • A proportion of your clients fund can be taken, tax free, from age 55 known as a Pension Commencement Lump Sum. Your client can also draw an income from the fund that they have built up or transfer the money to an annuity provider.
  • The Investments (other than dividend income) will grow free from UK capital gains tax and income tax. They are also protected from creditors of the employer and personal bankruptcy.
  • Loan up to 50% of the net assets of the scheme back to the principal employer.
  • Buy commercial property either from the establishing or a participating employer, or any third party and lease it back to the employer, or a third party, at a commercial rent.
  • Contributions made by the employer qualify for corporation tax relief in the year they are made, provided they are wholly and exclusively for the purpose of the employer’s trade.

Please note – SSAS products are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority